MKS Tax provides Vertex tax software consulting and integrations for the following indirect tax applications:


    • Vertex Cloud
    • Vertex O Series
    • Vertex Q Series
    • Vertex L Series
    • Vertex Indirect Tax Returns
    • Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager
You can keep your ERP and upgrade/change just the tax software.

Vertex tax software consulting services:


    • Upgrades to O Series 9.0
    • End-to-end compliance process review
    • Business requirements review
    • Technical requirements review
    • Project management
    • Solution design
    • Solution development
    • Taxability setup
    • Solution testing
    • User training
    • Go-live support
    • Tax system / ERP system reconciliation
    • Off hours and remote access support
    • Data intelligence and conversion

Engage our Vertex tax software consultants to replace Vertex Q Series or L Series with Vertex Cloud or Vertex O Series


For organizations with ERP systems integrated with Vertex Q Series (for example JDE, QAD, AX, QuipWare, home grown) or Vertex L Series (for example JDE World, ASW, Ecometry, or custom ERP), MKS Tax provides a direct upgrade path to Vertex Cloud or Vertex O Series. No programmatic changes to the ERP systems are needed.


MKS Tax integrations and Vertex tax software consulting can extend the useful life of your host system. Organizations with multiple disparate host systems integrated with different tax applications can consolidate all of their tax calculation and taxability management function on a single instance of Vertex Cloud or Vertex O Series while discontinuing Vertex Q Series and Vertex L Series licenses.

Schedule an upgrade to Vertex O Series 9.0 - Call 202.817.5335 or email

Our implementations support full spectrum of VAT concepts, including:


    • Output VAT calculation
    • Input VAT tracking
    • Reporting
    • Partial Input VAT recoverability
    • Partial Input VAT witholding
    • Cash-based VAT accounting
    • Currency conversion
    • Consolidated invoicing
    • Electronic submission of records