Vertex O Series Upgrade


All instances of Vertex O Series should be upgraded to the current version – Vertex O Series 9.0. Versions prior to 9.0 rely on Adobe Flash Player. Use of Adobe Flash poses a security risk to your network and data. O Series 9.0 is using HTML5 for improved security and performance. MKS Tax performs expedited upgrades to Vertex O Series 9.0 via remote access or on-site.

Key steps in upgrading to O Series 9.0


  1. Install O Series 9.0
  2. Apply latest 9.0 service pack
  3. Apply latest 9.0 data update
  4. Create an empty interim database for each version of O Series you skipping over. Upgrade from O Series 6.0 requires two interim databases, upgrade from O Series 7.0 requires one interim database, upgrade from O Series 8.0 requires no interim database.
  5. Apply latest service pack in your current O Series environment
  6. Apply latest data update in your current O Series environment
  7. Execute the Vertex-provided upgrade utility to copy your Taxability Manager and Tax Assist data to O Series 9.0
  8. If migrating from O Series 8.0, execute Vertex-provided transactional data migration utility to copy your reporting data to O Series 9.0. Content of the O Series 7.0 and 6.0 reporting databases is not copied, nor accessible through O Series 9.0. To maintain access to your reporting data in O Series 6.0 and 7.0, do not discard your current O Series installations.
  9. Update the O Series web services URLs in your host systems’ integrations to point to O Series 9.0.
  10. Test all transaction scenarios

Schedule an upgrade to Vertex O Series 9.0 - - 202.817.5335

Special Emphasis Areas


  1. Vertex update utility, as well as O Series 9.0 should have at least 6GB of RAM available. Deployment of O Series 9.0 on the same server as your current instance of O Series works well on machines with at least 4 CPU cores and 16GB of RAM.
  2. The version of the Oracle Java runtime required by O Series 9.0 is no longer free for commercial use. Accepting Oracle’s license agreement pertaining to the Java JRE required by O Series calls for potentially substantial fees payable to Oracle.  MKS Tax can deploy Vertex O Series with either Oracle or OpenJDK JRE.
  3. Older integrations may no longer work with O Series 9.0. If your integration fails with O Series 9.0, or if you would like to migrate to O Series from Vertex Q Series or Vertex L Series, contact MKS Tax for a solution that works with your existing system. MKS Tax supports all versions of Vertex O Series with a variety of business systems, including custom and legacy.

Vertex software, data, and documentation pertinent to O Series upgrades is available for download from

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