MKS Tax provides upgrades to O Series 9.0 with no forced upgrades of EPR systems. All instances of Vertex O Series should be upgraded to the current version – Vertex O Series 9.0. Versions prior to 9.0 rely on Adobe Flash Player. Use of Adobe Flash poses a security risk to your network and data. O Series 9.0 is using HTML5 for improved security and performance. MKS Tax performs expedited upgrades to Vertex O Series 9.0 from any version of O Series, Q Series or L Series via remote access. Upgrade your tax automation software and extend the useful life of your current EPR system. Vertex software, data and documentation pertinent to O Series upgrades is available at https://vertexinc.custhelp.com.


Key steps in upgrading to O Series 6.0 through 8.0 to O Series 9.0

  1. Install O Series 9.0
  2. Apply latest 9.0 service pack
  3. Apply latest 9.0 data update
  4. Create an empty interim database for each version of O Series you skipping over. Upgrade from O Series 6.0 requires two interim databases, upgrade from O Series 7.0 requires one interim database, upgrade from O Series 8.0 requires no interim database.
  5. Apply latest service pack in your current O Series environment
  6. Apply latest data update in your current O Series environment
  7. Execute the Vertex-provided upgrade utility to copy your Taxability Manager and Tax Assist data to O Series 9.0
  8. If migrating from O Series 8.0, execute Vertex-provided transactional data migration utility to copy your reporting data to O Series 9.0. Content of the O Series 7.0 and 6.0 reporting databases is not copied, nor accessible through O Series 9.0. To maintain access to your reporting data in O Series 6.0 and 7.0, do not discard your current O Series installations.
  9. Update the O Series web services URLs in your host systems’ integrations to point to O Series 9.0.
  10. Test all transaction scenarios

Special Emphasis Areas

  1. Vertex update utility, as well as O Series 9.0 should have at least 6GB of RAM available. Deployment of O Series 9.0 on the same server as your current instance of O Series works well on machines with at least 4 CPU cores and 16GB of RAM.
  2. The version of the Oracle Java runtime required by O Series 9.0 is no longer free for commercial use. Accepting Oracle’s license agreement pertaining to the Java JRE required by O Series calls for potentially substantial fees payable to Oracle.  MKS Tax can deploy Vertex O Series with either Oracle or OpenJDK JRE.
  3. Older integrations may no longer work with O Series 9.0. If your integration fails with O Series 9.0, or if you would like to migrate to O Series from Vertex Q Series or Vertex L Series, contact MKS Tax for a solution that works with your existing system. MKS Tax supports all versions of Vertex O Series with a variety of business systems, including custom and legacy.

MKS Tax provides effective and efficient end-to-end implementations of Vertex tax solutions. Our value proposition is technical expertise combined with understanding of indirect tax compliance challenges. MKS Tax customers benefit from quicker return on their Vertex software investment through complete implementations, shorter project timelines, and lower total cost.

We have been working with MKS Tax for the past 10 years. The solutions, customer service, and value they provide has allowed us to extend the life of one of our main ERP applications resulting in a lower “total cost of ownership” in our overall IT budget. They are quick, smart, and responsive to every challenge we have given to them. I am thankful for our continued business relationship.

Eric Dumas, Director Business Applications, EXELA TECHNOLOGIES

MKS Tax enables latest Vertex software with legacy host system, extending the useful life of existing ERP or billing systems while employing state of the art tax automation solution.

MKS provides upgrades to Vertex O Series 9.0 with no forced upgrades of ERP